10 Best Hostels in Montreal to Save You Money on Your Trip

Montreal is one of the best cities to visit in the world. The city receives a lot of visitors from different parts of the world. However, like any other city, care must be taken when spending to stay within budget.

Traveling is often expensive and travelers know this very well. When traveling to a new country or traveling around the world, the cost can be very high, especially when it comes to accommodation and food. Budget-conscious travelers will always try to cut costs as much as possible! Accordingly, here are 10 hostels that will save a traveler money in Montreal.

ten Hostel M Montreal

The M Montreal hostel is ranked as the best hostel in the city. The hostel is well rated and placed for good reason. Guests have given this hostel good reviews for the bar activities on the side, good cafes for coffee and smoothies, the pool, jacuzzi, free internet, and rooftop terrace.

The M Montreal hostel offers modern and spacious rooms at affordable prices. It is also a strategically located hostel offering guests easy access to the Festival District and Old Montreal within minutes.

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9 The alternative hostel

The Alternative Hostel is in a building built in 1875 which was used as a warehouse. The building was then restored, rejuvenated and turned into a hostel. The hostel has gained popularity over time due to its amazing services suitable even for friends traveling in the city. Top of its list are free Wi-Fi, family rooms, 24-hour security, free breakfast, and luggage storage services.

The hostel is equipped with a mix of different room styles and beds. There is a 6-bed dormitory for women, for example. The strategic location of this hostel is ideal for a person visiting the city.

8 Auberge Chez Jean

Visiting Auberge Chez Jean is a good option for people looking for clean and spacious rooms. The hostel has female and mixed rooms. The hostel has good staff including housekeepers. Visitors here receive a free breakfast.

Auberge Chez Jean is very affordable and offers free Wi-Fi, a terrace, breakfast, family rooms and pets are accepted. As the hostel is located just 1.8 km from the University of Quebec and close to other areas such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, it is well worth a visit.

7 HI Montreal

HI Montreal is another really affordable and well-located hostel in Montreal. The hostel is only a 2 minute walk from the metro making it accessible to many guests. The hostel rooms are very clean and private. The hostel also offers several services to provide an entertaining environment through a pool table, pub crawl, walks, bike rides, complimentary breakfast and bar. For those wishing to explore group travel and organized events, this is the best hostel to visit.

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6 The Gîte du Plateau Mont

This is a hostel located just 10 minutes from Old Montreal and just 5 minutes from Saint-Denis Street. Le Gite du Plateau hostel is very popular in the area for its colorful designs, comfortable and clean rooms. The hostel is very simple and offers affordable services.

In addition, the hostel is suitable for group travelers and people who want to do several activities in complete freedom. The inn having a terrace on the roof, it offers a good point of relaxation and meeting. They also offer a good breakfast for its guests.

5 Auberge L’Aperitif

For a traveler looking for an affordable, good quality hostel that is ideal for solo and group travellers, Auberge L’Apero is the best place to visit. The hostel is located in downtown Montreal and only 5 minutes walk from metro stations. It is also very close to good shops and restaurants.

The best part about this hostel is that it is very clean, safe and has spacious and comfortable rooms. The hostel is housed in a house built in the 1880s with unique architectural features. Visitors enjoy a free breakfast every morning.

4 Alexandria Inn

Auberge Alexandrie offers affordable dorms and rooms with the best services in Montreal. The hotel is made up of several floors with its bathrooms located in the basement. However, the hostel has good facilities such as double rooms, en-suite bathrooms, private rooms, huge kitchen and storage spaces.

Additionally, Alexandria Hostel is a well-located hostel that provides guests with easy access to places like restaurants and markets. It is very spacious and has a roof terrace.

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3 Samesun Montreal Center

Samesun Montreal Central is one of the best hostels to save money and it is ideal for solo travelers. This hostel is known for having high quality services that allow people to enjoy good services at affordable prices. The appeal of this hostel lies in its well-appointed rooms, quality amenities, incredible nightlife, and proximity to shopping malls.

The Samesun Montreal hostel is known for providing a good environment for its customers with good food, access to bars and much more.

2 Auberge Saint-Paul

Auberge Saint-Paul is a unique hostel for travelers visiting the city of Montreal. This is a hostel located very close to the Old Port of Montreal. A feature of this hostel is the exposed brickwork in their rooms.

However, the rooms are very clean and spacious. For this hostel the beds are of good quality providing a comfortable environment with free wifi and breakfast.

1 Alexandria Youth Hostel

Auberge De Jeunesse Alexandrie is another very affordable hostel in Montreal that will save the traveler a lot of money. The hostel has been in business for over 20 years. As a result, the hostel is popular for offering quality services, good rooms, comfortable spaces and beds, and good breakfast at affordable prices.

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