10 things you didn’t know about Brittainy Taylor

Brittainy Taylor was born January 30, 1989 and is an American fashion influencer, and most importantly, a reality TV star. No, she hasn’t toured a wide array of reality shows, but rather, she started out on one and is still a major appearance for the show. The 30-year-old was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but currently lives in Miami, Florida. The show you can see this avant-garde reality TV star on is Very Cavallari, a show that takes place in Nashville, TN, and was originally focused on designing office space, but has since evolved into the fashion and jewelry line, known as Rare james. You can’t help but fall in love with this girl’s character and the drama she brings to the show, and while you might recognize her, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Brittainy Taylor.

1. She is best known for her role in a reality TV show

Very Cavallari first broadcast on E! , July 8, 2018. He was to follow Kristin Cavallari and her husband, Jay Cutler, as they opened their first brick-and-mortar jewelry and home essentials under the name, James rare. Taylor was picked for the first season and was tasked with working with co-star, Shannon Ford, where the two worked together to create a backdrop idea for the star couple’s shared office space. It immediately turned out to be a big drama and a change was made to Taylor’s position in the second season.

2. She is known to quarrel with cast members

The costars chosen for the show included John Gurney, Taylor Monaco, Reagan Agee, Kelly Henderson, Shannon Ford, Jay Cutler and of course Kristin Cavallari. As mentioned, Taylor was chosen to work with Ford and the two were to help decide how Cutler and Cavallari’s joint office should be decorated, however, the two couldn’t come to an agreement, especially with the outspoken personality and dominant Taylor. This causes a lot of drama between the two in the series, with several feuds flaring up during filming.

3. She struggled to adapt to the south

Originally from Pennsylvania, Taylor struggled to adjust to life in the south. She admitted to having trouble with the so-called “Belles du Sud” who tend to use the well-known Southern phrase, “Bless your heart.” The phrase, for Taylor, is more of a statement with a hidden meaning: that you’re a little bit of an idiot. In a clip aired about the show, Taylor once again used her abrupt way of dealing with people, saying she’d rather give someone the big “fuck you” rather than use a cheesy phrase. like, bless your heart.

4. She thinks she is a good manager because of her technique

Taylor is a director at Rare james, which is one of the most important roles for the company. She can be found describing herself as a hard worker, in clips for the show, according to an interview on Heavy. She also admits that she knows how to “hit the hammer” to get her workers and co-stars to follow instructions, despite the battles she has already encountered with some of them.

5. She is a beach fan and spends vacations on beaches all over the world

Taylor is a traveler, and you can see it for yourself on her Instagram page. She loves the beach, so what better place to travel than the many different beaches in the world. She considers herself an “Islomane”, a name she has nicknamed herself for vacationing on a wide variety of beaches and tropical islands. It’s unclear how far she’s gone so far, but at just 30 years old she will no doubt continue to maneuver the world and see as much of the world as she can.

6. Brittainy is deprived of her family

In an interview published on Dreshare, Taylor does not speak about his family. She’s assertive and open about a lot, including her relationship with her boyfriend, but when it comes to her family, there is no information listed on social media about who they are. Maybe one day she will share more information and photos about her personal life; Until then, you can still follow her top-down relationship with Jon Stone.

7. Will she have her own show?

With her personality and popularity on social media, many people, especially her fans who follow, believe Taylor will eventually venture out of town. Calvallari and start his own show. She’s already made a name for herself with the reality show, and fans quickly fell in love with her unforgettable and straightforward personality. Apparently it’s hard not to like the girl, so if they were given the opportunity to have their own reality show, no doubt her fans wouldn’t follow her.

8. She says things as if they were

She is not a calm, mealy girl. Taylor says what she thinks; she is seen as assertive and straightforward, and prefers people to be direct with her, and she is definitely direct with everyone she deals with. Don’t be surprised to hear an “f-bomb” drop, because according to Taylor, that’s exactly what she’d rather say to someone than to lie squarely in their face. It might be abrasive, but it gets the job done.

9. She made it known what she wanted from her boyfriend, on screen

Taylor’s longtime boyfriend is singer / songwriter Jon Stone. The two had their ups and downs during their relationship and he appeared on the show as he is friends with one of the cast members of the Very Cavallari. According to Earn the Necklace, Taylor and Stone had an outright onscreen tiff that took place on a beach; a tiff that made fans watching Taylor let her boyfriend know exactly what she wanted from him, and it was more of his time. She made it clear that she felt like she invested more time in their relationship than he did, especially since he is often on the road on tour a lot. Fans thought that tiff might be the end of the relationship, but according to Instagram photos, it looks like they survived this little public battle.

10. She is a big fan of adventure sports

In her spare time, Taylor loves to go out and play. She is a huge fan of adventure sports so if there is an event, chances are she is there. You can see tons of photos on her Instagram of her participating in different sporting events, including hiking and rock climbing – two of her all-time favorites. With her active lifestyle, it’s not hard to see how she stays in shape!

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