A French chateau with turrets at auction at €400,000

A turreted French chateau in east-central France is up for sale for €400,000 at auction, having been run as a retirement home since 1956.

Bidding is expected to start at €400,000 and the auction will take place from May 3-5. Viewing is mandatory.

The 1,820 m2 property in Mâcon (Bourgogne-Franche-Comté) is set in eight hectares of land. It currently belongs to the Mâcon Hospital Center and the Mâcon Civil Hospices.

The sale is managed by Agorastore, an auction brokerage firm specializing in the sale of public goods.

Zacharie Grumberg, director of Agorastore Immobilier, told Le Figaro: “With auctions, an on-site visit is mandatory and we will act in complete transparency. [The auction] presents itself as competition through bids from potential buyers with the highest bid presented to the seller.

“The seller then chooses the bid that seems most appropriate to him.”

Alain Boissau, director of the Center Hospitalier de Mâcon, specifies that he has no particular requirements with regard to the offer, and just wishes to choose “the best”. He said the chateau could be used for anything from “lodges, a restaurant, or for personal use”.

Photo: Agorastore.fr

The castle is made of stone and includes a main building and some outbuildings. It includes a kitchen, a living room, a laundry room, a smoking room, a dining room, an office and a chapel. There is also 112m2 of attic which could be converted into additional living space.

The building has turrets and extensive woodwork and wallpaper inside, as well as impressive stained glass windows in the roof.

However, the age of the property means that it contains lead and asbestos, which will need to be safely dealt with by the new owner.

A full photo gallery of the chateau, and full ownership and auction details can be seen on the online listing here.

From nursing home to auction

The Hospital Center had initially planned to renovate the castle at the end of 2019, to adapt the obsolete Ehpad into a more modern and accessible center.

However, the project was considered too difficult, especially since the building does not have an elevator.

Mr Boissau said: ‘There were still two, three or four bed dorms, with only a sink in one corner, and toilets and showers on the landing. It was no longer up to the level of comfort required for an Ehpad.

As a result, the health authority decided to build a completely new building a few kilometers away for the rest home and put the castle up for auction.

The sale was delayed by the Covid crisis, but is now continuing. Those interested in bidding can register for a visit on the Agorastore site.

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