A powerful storm hits parts of northern France and south-east England, bringing unexpected tornadoes and damaging winds

Catastrophic extreme weather conditions with thunderstorms ravaged Western Europe, particularly in northern France and south-eastern England.

The storm brought damaging winds, heavy rain and unexpected tornadoes.

The severe storm caused massive property damage in affected parts of Western Europe.

Residents who suffered from the powerful storm returned to check on their residences, with some suffering heavy damage from the onslaught.

Reuters reported that the storms accompanied by tornadoes affected residents of northern France, ransacking their homes.

The report from the Pas-de-Calais region adds that more than 150 people were immediately evacuated on Sunday.

Tornadoes and heavy rain

(Photo: by SAMEER AL-DOUMY/AFP via Getty Images)

Meanwhile, the latest severe weather from AccuWeather showed that a severe thunderstorm emerged last Sunday impacting parts of northern and western Europe, noting that the storm brought wind gusts of 50 to 65 mph and heavy rain.

In northern France, the report indicates that one person was slightly injured.

While some regions of Tops of France and Normandy were also affected, which recorded unexpected tornadoes.

On the other hand, parts of south London noted damaging winds that emerged due to the powerful storm.

Meanwhile, the report adds that Bihucourt suffered from tornadoes causing damage to communities in the area, including power lines.

With power lines damaged, report explained that parts of South East England were suffering from power outages.

State authorities were immediately deployed to deal with the aftermath of the tornadoes and the storm.

During this time, the National Hurricane Center monitored a potential tropical depression from Bermuda.

The report indicates that the brewing system was tracked moving north.

An area of ​​low pressure was located in the area, and the NHC explained that low pressure would not develop for the next 48 hours to five days.

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During this time, the report added that the Hurricane Center also detected an area of ​​low pressure north of Puerto Rico.

A few days before the end of October, the first week of October could become rainy for the communities that the tropical system would affect.

What to do during tornadoes

Being safe during tornado impact is important. It could wreak havoc on homes, properties and infrastructure. The US CDC suggested tips for staying safe when tornadoes hit.

  • The CDC has emphasized the need to be aware of the evolution of tornadoes. Having battery-powered radios or internet devices could help provide urgent weather and tornado announcements.
  • Prepare a tornado emergency plan with your family members. A safe place to stay is important. A basement could become a shelter, especially when your area is prone to tornadoes. Be calm.
  • Have basic emergency necessities including water supply, medicine and food parcels.
  • If you can contact your family, let them know your status or safety. Once the impact of the tornado has lessened, check for any injuries sustained and seek immediate medical attention.
  • If you are outside, head to the nearest building where you can find shelter. Stay up to date with tornado warnings when traveling to areas with extreme weather conditions.

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