Biden is selling a ‘comeback’ story, but is America buying?

President Joe Biden finally seems to have wind in his sails, and Democrats hope he stays there — at least until November.

On paper, Biden’s last two weeks have seen many “victories,” including a veterans health care bill, a $50 billion investment in the state’s semiconductor manufacturing capacity, country, a recently brokered, albeit limited, deal on its pending spending proposals, an al-Qaeda leader killed overseas, and significant cuts to historically high national average gas prices.

This all happened with the president in COVID-19 isolation, and although some critics have speculated that Biden by staying out of public view helped Democrats secure those victories, the White House used Biden’s relatively mild case of the coronavirus to tout the administration. working to expand access to vaccines and treatments for COVID-19.

A recent survey offers the administration more encouragement. The RealClearPolicies the poll average saw Biden’s approval rating fall to 36.8% on July 21, a term low, but climb back to 39.5% on August 3.

Meanwhile, the Cut Inflation Act, the reconciliation bill brokered by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), is making the polled by the general public, despite questions being raised about its tax increases and its ability to actually fight inflation.

A recent Chamber of Commerce poll found that a strong majority of 1,219 respondents are focused “like a laser beam” on inflation. Sixty-four percent said they were concerned about the direction of the economy and 58% said they wanted Congress to focus on legislation that lowered prices for consumers on every other issue, with every other issue receiving support of 7% or less.

Biden said the bill would increase incomes by ensuring the wealthiest people and businesses pay a “fair share” of taxes, reduce health care costs for families, and develop “cost efficiencies and opportunities.” clean energy solutions creating jobs for the future”.

A separate poll released by Navigator Research on Aug. 3 saw 65% of respondents supporting the bill, with just 24% in opposition. Sixty-one percent of independents and 38 percent of Republicans supported the legislation. Still, Navigator found Biden’s approval rating of 16 points underwater.

Republicans were favored to retake the House in the midterm elections, but the Senate remains a draw. Senior Democratic officials and campaign strategists who spoke with the Washington Examiner say they are optimistic that the developments of the last two weeks, and the reconciliation agreement in particular, will make them significantly more competitive in these races.

“All of this shows that Democrats are the only party delivering real solutions to help low-income families and ensure that the wealthiest pay their fair share of taxes,” a senior Democratic official said. “Meanwhile, Republicans are using flawed math to make the same arguments they’ve been making for decades: Investing in our future will cost normal Americans in the long run. That’s a barefaced lie.”

A second senior Democrat added that “Republicans constantly criticize our economic plans but offer no viable alternative.”

“They are attacking the Cut Inflation Act rather than supporting the ridiculous proposal of [National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Rick] Scott (R-FL) because it will raise taxes on average American families,” the official said. “You can expect us to clarify the differences over the next few months.

Republicans, meanwhile, are alarmed at the tax increases included in the Manchin-Schumer bill. The legislation does not include any direct personal or family tax increases, but analysis by the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation determined that the bill’s new 15% minimum tax for corporations earning more of a billion dollars a year would pass on the increased costs to consumers. and individual shareholders.

A GOP strategist told the Washington Examiner the bill is “pure sleight of hand” and has accused Democrats of selling out voters in order to land a “winning” midterm campaign message.

“Joe Biden and the Democrats want to raise taxes during a recession. Biden has lied, denied and shifted blame for soaring prices and the recession they created,” Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel said. , in a press release. “Families can’t afford gas and groceries, but Biden and congressional Democrats want to raise taxes, waste more money, and make life harder and harder for those trying to get away with it. Vote them!”

“American inflation has been caused by runaway government spending, and the Biden administration’s response is to rack up even more spending and tax increases,” the president of the America First Policy Institute added. , Brooke Rollins. “Their new version of the Big Government Socialism Bill will not get inflation under control. It will make it worse. The common sense solution is to cut excessive government spending immediately, increase national energy production and encourage more great supply thanks to less burdensome taxes and regulations. The United States economy is now in a recession.”

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