Colonial in Taunton subdivision exceeds $ 500,000

TAUNTON – An updated colonial home in a Norton Avenue subdivision was the best-selling home in Taunton for the week of December 6-10.

The 2,000-square-foot Guernsey Avenue home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms sold for $ 530,000 on Dec. 6, according to real estate and mortgage data company The Warren Group.

The 30-year-old home, located in the Nickerson Farms subdivision, “has been updated to include stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry” and has an open floor plan perfect for entertaining, according to its listing on “This house also offers room to grow. You have access to one bedroom in the space above the garage for potential construction. The full unfinished basement has windows and a single level entrance that lends itself to even more possibilities. “

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The best-selling house in all of Grand Taunton for the week was in Raynham, where a 2,600 square foot house, at the end of a cul-de-sac, with three bedrooms and four bathrooms sold for $ 670,000.

Here are the rest of the real estate transactions reported for the week of December 6-10.


Green, Lee A; from Gavigan, Devinn; 21 Water St, Berkley, 12/06/2021, for $ 425,000.

In Cappiello 3rd, Michael A and Maul, Allison J; of King, Kathleen T and King, Matthew T; 100 Jerome St, Berkley, 12/09/2021, for $ 400,000.


No transaction reported for the week.


A Cevoli, Paul; de Lajoie, Brian; 82 Francine Rd, Raynham, 07/12/2021, for $ 440,000.

In Lehtonen, Erik R; of Boyd, Nicole and Boyd, Sean; 185 Britton St, Raynham, 07/12/2021, for $ 358,000.

At GB Sons Construction Co; of Pacheco M Est and Pacheco, Jamie S; 349 Hill St, Raynham, 12/09/2021, for $ 320,000.

At 173 Suzanne Dr RT and Lynch 3rd, Francis J; by Scanlon, Robin A; 173 Suzanne Dr, Raynham, 9/12/2021, for $ 670,000.

In Santos, Karissa M and Santos, Phillip J; of Roc Property Invs LLC; 531 Orchard St, Raynham, 12/10/2021, for $ 556,000.

To Welch Jr, Thomas and Welch, Kerry; from Bettebcourt, Karissa M; 137 Nicholas Rd, Raynham, 12/10/2021, for $ 426,500.

To French, Earl and French, Margaret; from Trucchi, Rebecca J; 68 Bristol Cir, Raynham, 12/10/2021, for $ 440,000.


In Cardoso, Maria; de Héroux, Robert C and Gallagher-Heroux, Susan; 56 Guernsey Ave, Taunton, 6/12/2021, for $ 530,000.

To Bellotti, Damian J and Brown, Meredith M; of Tucker, David and Tucker, Cheralyn; 28 Harding St, Taunton, 6/12/2021, for $ 405,000.

To Foster Jr, Lawrence M and Foster, Melissa D; from French, James J and Malinowski-French, Erica; 702 Bay St, Taunton, 6/12/2021, for $ 489,900.

In Teixeira, Carla O and Pereira, Josefa G; d’Alves, Joao F; 552 Bay St, Taunton, 6/12/2021, for $ 430,000.

At Macphelemy, Jenna K; of Levy-James, Henry E and Smith-Garcia, Nyiema; 1307 Carriage Ln, Taunton, 07/12/2021, for $ 259,000.

In Santos, Paulo and Santos, Maria T; of Royster Jr, Ira G; 5 Pleadwell St, Taunton, 07/12/2021, for $ 385,000.

To Hank Reardon Realty LLC; de Laque, Christopher R and Laque, Viviane; 23 Granite St, Taunton, 07/12/2021, for $ 217,000.

In Whitting, Teresa; of Cathorne, Cheryl G and Cawthorn, Jeffrey K; 65 Garden St, Taunton, 8/12/2021, for $ 351,000.

A Marchetti, Christian J and Marchetti, Erin; of Noll FT and Noll, Kathryn E; 111 Birchwood Dr, Taunton, 08/12/2021, for $ 490,000.

To A&J Flippers LLC; of Menard Jr, Robert F and Costa, Lisa M; 824 Dighton Ave, Taunton, 8/12/2021, for $ 302,500.

In Mbugua-Kimani, George and Wairimu-Kangethe, Jedidah; of Cabeceiras, Katie L and Lynch, John J; 216 Ashleigh Ter, Taunton, 12/9/2021, for $ 475,000.

In Fernandes, José; of Leferrara, Joanne M; 104 Winthrop St, Taunton, 9/12/2021, for $ 415,000.

To Bell, Karen and Hill, Dahlia; from Stclaire, Beliote; 34 Maple St, Taunton, 12/09/2021, for $ 469,000.

To Archer, Jared; of Harding Jr, Joseph; 36 Warren St, Taunton, 12/10/2021, for $ 345,000.

At 809 Central Street LLC; de Souza, John; 186 High St, Taunton, 12/10/2021, for $ 225,000.

To Miranda, Maria and Miranda, Oldair; from MLB Realty Dev LP; 23 Berkley St, Taunton, 12/10/2021, for $ 475,000.

In Querido, Karine M; of Davenport, Adam D; 5 Forest St, Taunton, 12/10/2021, for $ 334,000.

To André, Fabrice A and Lemonier, Chatteline; of Malloch 3rd, Carlton S; 1069 Somerset Ave, Taunton, 12/10/2021, for $ 350,000.

In Pineo, Hailey; of Cassidy, Lauren and Hawk, Nicholas; 1518 Glebe St, Taunton, 12/10/2021, for $ 385,000.

Combs, Barry R; of Booker, Mitzi; 81 School St, Taunton, 12/10/2021, for $ 460,000.

To Pukwudgie Properties LLC; of Ferreira, Shirley; 91 Berkley St, Taunton, 12/10/2021, for $ 150,000.

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