Daniel Daggers to merge his real estate billions with the Kretz family’s agency

Daniel “Mr Super Prime” Daggers is the latest addition to Netflix’s Paris agency, where the Kretz family allows cameras to document the ins and outs of a billion-dollar real estate company.

Known as the estate agents who sell the most exclusive homes in France, Kretz & Partners are the main stars of the Netflix show. With its popularity as high as other real estate shows like sell sunsetno wonder season 2 is out.

They meet Daniel during the season, known in the industry for quitting estate agency Knight Frank after posting pictures of multi-million pound mansions on Instagram. In other words… some customers didn’t like the ad.

His $4 billion in sales skills are now to Kretz’s advantage. We researched how much they were worth.

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Screenshot: Daniel Daggers Instagram

Who is Daniel Dagues?

Daniel is a real estate agent known as “Mr Super Prime”. He appears in season 2 of The Parisian agency and was awarded UK Property Advisor of the Year, with $4 billion in sales behind it.

The Netflix star is also the founder of Team Dr Dre, his own company which focuses on the world’s most wanted homes. He approached the Kretz family after watching the show and they have been working together for a year.

One of the world’s leading estate agents, Daniel has managed record high bid sales on some of the UK’s most expensive homes. The real estate advisor and agent is no stranger to list about 11 million homes!

He started his real estate career at 17, after a broken collarbone ended his dream of becoming a professional footballer. Years since then, he added to his resume his involvement in the sale of a £95million mansion near Buckingham Palace.

The Parisian Agency: Daniel’s journey

Daniel Daggers started as a junior at a local real estate agency and worked his way up, joining Knight Frank in 2007. He quit from there in November 2019 after sharing photos of a multi-million mansion on Instagram.

He has sold homes to super-wealthy clients, including US billionaire Ken Griffin, to whom he sold London’s most expensive property sale of 2019. The owner now has a net worth of £6.8billion at her name.

The Kretz family have put up for sale an 80 million euro mansion in Paris and a 120 million euro Venetian-style house in Cannes belonging to Daggers clients, so it seems that their partnership is already a success!

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The Kretz Family Net Worth

The Kretz family is worth over $20 million. Since the family deals in luxury properties, you might assume that they would have a significant net worth. And this assumption would be correct in this case!

Olivier Kretz is alone reported have a net worth of $20 million. As the CEO of the family business, it’s no surprise that he has the greatest fortune. The net worth of other family members combined with his would be more!

With Olivier’s wife Sandrine Kretz, a leading businesswoman, and ads on their site showing properties for sale for $25 million, it’s clear that the commission on a single sale is enough to keep their wallets more than full.



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