Gites de France: a thing of the past or are gite owners missing out?

Gites de France has been in business for over sixty years and is a well known label throughout France; However, as a gite owner, what are the actual benefits of being a Gite de France subscriber, if any? (Find out more about the history of Gîtes de France and how to find a gîte).

To me, it had seemed a bit pricey, and I had heard rumors that it might be a little over the top, so I wanted to probe further and hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Maxime informed me that with partnership links with more than 1000 companies in France and discounts and preferential rates negotiated with many companies and tourist attractions, it may be time to take a closer look at what is on offer. He had my attention.

First, gite owners have access to a dedicated local team who know you and your properties, as they visit your gite before any agreement. As you may know, word of mouth and local recommendations can be the difference between a sluggish gite business and a booming and in-demand gite business. So, a dedicated team that cares about you and knows your business could be a big plus.

This team can manage all your reservations, payments, tourist tax and insurance, or you can choose to manage your own reservations if you prefer. Gite owners also have access to a system that will sync all your calendars, create and track your booking contracts, and collect feedback from your guests, which is marketing gold.

Among other selling points, you can directly modify your photographs and your advertisement online on the national and departmental pages, as well as upload all your income for your tax declarations. Arguably, streamlining administrative work in this way is highly beneficial and time-saving.

Classification of gîtes and tailor-made packages

This dedicated team, as the lovely Maxime explained, can also advise you on your business development strategy and arrange your gite grading visit (where your gite is graded to national standards and offers you tax benefits) at a preferential tariff. Indeed, they can also offer you tailor-made training according to your needs. This is something definitely worth knowing about as training is a very important aspect of Gite ownership. Many owners have had careers but are not necessarily from the tourism or hospitality industry. This is a very interesting point.

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