Henrico Real Estate Transactions – Aug. 31-Sept. 6, 2022

129 Maple Leaf Avenue North – $220,000, 936 square feet (built in 1940), from Lindsay Heath Goita to Stone K. Roberts.

1903 Hilliard Road – $245,000, 1,313 square feet (built in 1939), from Jamie Blackburn to Sean and Meredith O’Connor.

9339 Gildenfield Court – $265,000, 1,120 square feet (built in 1980), from Lauren Zielenski to Thanh Thu Thai.

5307 Golf Villa Lane – $290,000, 1,388 square feet (built in 1997), from Rudolph L. and Linda J. Cox to Karen S. Goode.

9602 Broad Meadows Road – $315,000, 1,584 square feet (built in 1984), from Lureese G. Bryson to Lisa and Francisco Parisi.

709 McCormick Farm Drive, Unit B – $337,088, 2,345 square feet (built in 2022), from Stanley Martin Homes LLC to Ronnie Bailey.

2620 Adamo Court – $350,000, 2,424 square feet (built in 1987), from Scott E. Enroughty and Kevin E. Butcher to John R. and Janet Lynn Carlson.

8502 Cleveland Street – $400,000, 2,232 square feet (built in 2007), from Leo W. and Janette F. Lantz to Olekea D. Mitchell.

7002 Staunton Avenue – $437,500, 1,846 square feet (built in 2003), from Garrett T. and Jenna Boyd to Dashon Tibbs and Hallett Kennon.

8300 Gwinnett Road – $455,000, 2,004 square feet (built in 1996), from Michael Paul and Lyndi Morrone to Youssef Fahr and Aeden Clare Kelley.

1111 Normandy Drive – $492,000, 1,550 SF (built in 1948), from Brooke Susan Henderson to Craig and Anne Philp.

705 Woodberry Road – $509,500, 1,911 SF (built 1955), from William C. and Joan M. Goodship to Todd Allen.

2301 Summerwood Drive – $540,000, 3,125 square feet (built in 1995), from Robert L. Walsh Jr. to Siam Investments LLC.

10921 Dominion Fairways – $600,000, 2,497 square feet (built in 1994), from Thomas Richard and Terry Anne Fauerbach to Yolanda Pertuz.

1800 Locust Hill Road – $640,000, 3,758 square feet (built in 1988), from Ralph E. Small to Wendy S. and Arturo J. Cardounel.

11924 Circle Montfort – $710,000, 3,026 square feet (built 2015), from Marvin Pierce Rucker II and Leslie G. Rucker to Mary C. Schandelmeier Trustee.

8114 River Road – $770,000, 2,155 square feet (built in 1956), from C. Hunter and Catherine R. Bendall to Edward B. and Leigh B. Trigg.

346 Becklow Avenue – $838,775, 2,918 SF (built in 2022), from ME Nuckols LLC to Justin Laughter.

11400 McCabe’s Grant Terrace – $1,100,000, 3,539 square feet (built in 2014), from Edward H. and Cheryl L. Hartman to James Floyd Foley and L. Pershing Trustees.

4 Eastern Circle of Glenbrooke – $1,600,000, 3,518 square feet (built in 1953), from John W. Zinsser and Nancy Robinett to Andrew Mason Brent Jr. and Maria Enochs.

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