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The price of everything from gas to food is rising – what they call inflation. One definition of inflation is too much money for too few goods and services.

The too much money came from Biden Democrats and their spending bills, paid for with printed money. Simply printing money would not affect your quality of life if the government distributed that money fairly to its citizens. Yes, the prices would go up, but we would all have an extra amount of money to match the price increases, so Americans would be neither better off nor worse off.

But that’s never how Democrats do it. When they print money, a small portion goes to citizens, but most of it goes to electric car makers, “diversity” coaches, drag queen story hours (just kidding I think), and illegal aliens.

Let’s talk about the numbers first. According to History.Com, on June 6, 1944, just over 156,000 American, British and Canadian troops stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. In comparison, the number of illegal aliens invading the United States along our border south stood at 209,906 in March alone, the highest level in 20 years. In 2020, 646,822 invaded; in 2019, 1,148,024 illegal immigrants invaded; and in 2017 the number was 526,901. Imagine Crocodile Dundee standing at our border looking towards France and then towards Mexico. “This is not an invasion, THIS is an invasion.”

Remember all that money the Democrats printed and you didn’t get?

Catholic charities receive more than $1 billion in funding from government sources and, according to their website, “work to welcome and integrate immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, helping more than 393,000 people in during the past year”. Todd Bensman, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, witnessed the United Nations International Organization for Migration distributing free $800 debit cards to illegal aliens preparing to cross the US border. They get this every month. About 25% of the UN budget is paid for by the US government. As reported in the Daily Mail, “In Southern California, the Biden administration and the state have reached an agreement with these agencies to provide free hotel rooms costing $71 to $90 a night” to foreigners in distress. irregular. The administration, according to the report, implemented similar programs in Arizona and Texas, costing US taxpayers $86 million, or $72,000 per border crossing. Democrats diverted money allocated by Congress to build the border wall to pay for the “urgent life, safety and environmental issues” “caused” by the construction.

So what happens then, you might ask. According to the Daily Mail, “Catholic Charities operates daily shuttles to Yuma and San Diego airports, where illegal aliens enjoy free commercial flights to their final destinations.” Rimersburg Rules sees them outside of Pittsburgh, military-aged men strolling past a mall or buying boxes and boxes of groceries with gift cards. According to Fox News, “Buses full of migrants are being dropped off at bus stations in McAllen, Texas with bus tickets to travel to their chosen destinations – amid new reports that authorities are struggling to cope to the backlog of migrants allowed to enter the United States”

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Lou Barletta captured footage of alleged “ghost flights” loaded with illegal aliens from Texas arriving in Wilkes-Barre over Christmas. Barletta says his sources tell him other planeloads have arrived in the New York City subway, parts of Florida, Louisiana and Scranton.

What will happen to the 40 to 50 million illegals that the Democrats have imported into the country? Many will be employed illegally, driving down wages and letting big business pocket the difference. They will buy or rent houses and apartments and buy groceries, creating shortages and/or driving up prices. They will use hospitals without being insured, which will increase health care costs. Their children will need interpreters at school, which will drive up property taxes.

Don’t blame the illegals for this, blame the Democrats. According to Mr Biden, at least some of them are “more American than most Americans”.

[This is a column of opinion and satire. The author knows of no undisclosed facts. Contact Lewis, the author of “Separation of Church and State” and “The Diaries of Pontius Pilate,” at www.josephmaxlewis.com and click on Rimersburg Rules.]

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