How Enzo Rosani is Shaking up the Miami Real Estate Market on an International Level

Photo courtesy Enzo Rosani

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For vacationers, Miami is known for its nightlife, beaches and attractions. For entrepreneurs, it has become recognized for its business opportunities, particularly in the past two years due to the pandemic. For promising real estate entrepreneur Enzo Rosani, he found his place in the industry after his career as a professional athlete. Most recently, he was recognized for his $6.94 million sale last year that was paid for with Etherium (ETH) cryptocurrency in Miami. But Rosani brings more than just innovation to the Miami real estate scene. With a European edge, as he was originally from Paris, France, the budding real estate broker found a knack for business after working to become one of the youngest associates at Miami’s leading real estate companies, Barnes International Realty Miami. .

With offices across Europe and in some of the world’s wealthiest cities, Barnes is internationally known for serving a niche clientele with high-end luxury properties from France to Monaco to New York and of course Miami. Specializing in high-profile clientele, including professional athletes, entertainers and celebrities, Rosani has been responsible for bringing countless international business opportunities to Miami.

And as a European himself, At Rosani’s insight in meeting and understanding the needs of international customers continues to be an advantage when it comes to closing deals and building relationships. Earning the trust of clients through his knowledge of real estate internationally and not just in one concentrated area, the real estate broker continues to disrupt the Miami real estate market with innovative new offerings.

With more and more Europeans including American real estate in their portfolio, Miami has become one of the top spots for many internationals. As an arsenal of knowledge and resources for like-minded Europeans, Rosani continues to carve out a niche, yet significant business area within Miami’s real estate market that packs a punch.

“Miami is a relatively young city and I believe it has tremendous potential for continued growth,” he said. “This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of low mortgage rates, which continue to drive real estate transactions in 2022.”

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