Live like royalty on a budget with these castles under $100

Not only do you deserve a vacation, you need one too! But, if you’re planning on staying at a Marriott or Hilton, you might want to consider broadening your horizons. While many hotels offer comfortable rooms and thoughtful amenities, there are other ways to dial in luxury — and no, that doesn’t involve upgrading to a Junior Suite.

Most likely you now have probably heard of Airbnb, and maybe you’ve even used Airbnb for a last-minute getaway. Airbnbs are often less expensive, offer more space and privacy, and allow tourists to experience local culture that they wouldn’t otherwise encounter while staying in a hotel.

Apart from that, the largest accommodation sharing site also offers unique stays that make an ordinary hotel seem basic. You can book anything from a tree house to an igloo. But, if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury vacation, Airbnb offers entire castles where you and your best friend, or partner, can live like royalty. Even better, some of these castles are available for less than $100 per night. At this price, you will never stay in a hotel again.

Take your crown and your wine glass! Explore our top picks for your next elite retreat where you’ll undoubtedly feel like royalty…but without the price tag.

The Manor of Equerres, Monceaux-en-Bessin, Normandy, France


Located in Normandy, France, Manoir des Equerres is the only Anglo-Norman estate in the country. This house has a wealth of architectural features, including verandas, stained glass windows and covered terraces. Customers will swoon over its unfailing charm.

Make the most of your stay on the first floor, which features high ceilings, a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms and a modern bathroom. This castle getaway can accommodate four people.

The Manoir des Equerres is available from $57 a night.

Small Castle, Unsleben, Bavaria, Germany

A mansion next to a moated castle in Bavaria, Germany

This small castle in Bavaria, in the southeastern region of Germany, has everything a castle getaway could need, including a moat and a beautiful garden.

On chilly evenings, you can enjoy a blazing fireplace while playing games or reading a book. In the living quarters of the castle you will find a fully equipped kitchenette, comfortable double beds and a bathroom with luxuriously warmed towels and a bathtub. This castle getaway can accommodate three people.

Le Petit Château is available from $93 a night.

Country house overlooking the Atlantic,
Easky, Sligo, Ireland

A country house castle mansion in Sligo, Ireland that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean
(@Molly and Ward/Airbnb)

The Atlantic View Boutique is a 200 year old estate set on ten acres overlooking one of Ireland’s best surf spots. Additionally, some reviewers categorized this Airbnb listing as one of the best in Ireland. As one guest described it, walking the lands of this seaside Irish country feels like something straight out of a romantic novel. Take in ocean views or grab a bite to eat in the nearby village of Easky. This charming country house can accommodate 14 people.

The Atlantic View Boutique is available from $85 a night.

Castle, Vay, Pays de la Loire, France

Airbnb castle near the lake in Pays de la Loire, France

Located in the west of France, a castle built and enlarged between the 15th and 18th centuries is located in Pays de la Loire. Private accommodation is available on the first floor of the castle, which consists of a studio, a second bedroom and a private bathroom.

As well as the castle’s breathtaking grounds, guests can stroll along a private forest path that takes them to nearby villages for a taste of local culture. The castle can accommodate five people.

The castle is available from $79 per night.

The Tower, Bagno a Ripoli, Tuscany, Italy

Tower apartment inside a small castle in Tuscany, Italy
(@Majla Francesca/Airbnb)

Discover the magic of Tuscany, Italy! A magnificent tower in a 12th-century Italian castle is a must-see for a trip to Tuscany. Guests will stay in an apartment located in the small tower of the castle, known as the “hat”, with a breathtaking view. You will have access to a private living room, kitchen and bathroom. It can accommodate six people.

The tower is available from $91 a night.

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