Local restaurants closed for security reasons

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – Two restaurants in a shopping center were closed within a week of each other for security reasons.

First, Time Out Sports Grill on Beach Boulevard was closed for rodent and fly activity. A week later, a nearby restaurant was closed for the same reason.

Daruma Japanese Steak House on Beach Boulevard

An inspector found more than 30 rodent droppings in the Japanese steakhouse. 14 of these droppings were found at the sushi bar behind the sushi counter under the toaster oven.

News4Jax spoke to the owner of Hodges Plaza about the state of business and he said rodent traps had been placed behind the building and someone was cleaning around the property twice a week.

The Japanese steak house reopened the following day.

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Pineapple’s Caribbean American Restaurant on Normandy Boulevard

The Caribbean restaurant was closed after dead and alive cockroaches were found.

The report says live cockroaches were found on the leg of a prep table, the door frame of a handy cooler and in other areas of the kitchen.

The report says an exterminator was brought in to clear things up – the restaurant was able to reopen two days later.

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Jackie’s Seafood Market on University Boulevard

Over 60 live flying insects were found in Jackie’s Seafood Restaurant. 36 of these live flying insects were in the guest area above the ceiling tiles, chairs and service counter.

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Jackie’s Seafood Restaurant was able to open the next day.

Inspection failed | Inspection passed

Cocos Los Primos on Cortez Rd

Cocos Los Primos was closed for operating without potable running water.

Inspection failed | Follow-up inspection

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