Looking for a family rental in Angers

Yes, unfortunately the conflicting criteria and risk avoidance make the process quite difficult.

The risk of buying somewhere that we later realize is not for us, which is why we originally intended to rent.

The risk of not being able to move on, if we realize we want to, is also a consideration.

We are a couple of 50/45 years old, with an 8 year old son. We are not looking to set up a retreat.

Angers (and surrounding areas) is an increasingly popular option for many as it offers most of the amenities of a city, but allows for the semi-rural living we crave.

Other parts of the Loire seemed a little too far from travel infrastructure and although very pretty, probably too quiet for us.

My current job requires monthly trips to Norway, and although that is coming to an end (union negotiations are ongoing), I hope it will continue for a few more years. The TGV Angers to Amsterdam seems viable. Other cities further east make the journey a little more difficult.

I was planning to move on to earning an income from a gite over a few years, possibly renovating existing buildings if needed. However, the possibility of not earning income in Norway soon means that buying a viable property with 3/4 Gites may be necessary.

My wife also needs a viable community/needs a chiropractor in order to settle down.

We visited a house with Gites last week, the property was perfect and affordable, unfortunately it was way too far in Roches Du Posay/Chaumussay. There was also not enough local community for our son.

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