Majiwada Manpada district reported half of TMC cases | Bombay News

Thane Two years after a 36-year-old French returnee became the first Covid patient at Thane Municipal Corporation, more than 1.8 lakh Covid cases and 2,157 deaths have been reported in the city.

Majiwada-Manpada ward and Vartak Nagar ward contributed the highest numbers, accounting for more than 50% of total Covid cases in the three waves. On the contrary, the lowest overall positive cases were reported in Lokmanya and Savarkar Nagar wards, which mostly have densely populated slums.

Among the 1.8 lakh positive cases, Majiwada Manpada ward reported 52,000 cases followed by Vartak Nagar with 24,000. The lowest overall positive cases are in Lokmanya and Savarkar Nagar wards with only 119.

Lokmanya and Savarkar Nagar neighborhoods with a huge slum population reported the highest number of cases during the first wave. This made the relevant civic body, which made special efforts to ensure the cases were under control. As the impact of the first wave eased and the city opened up, cases also increased and since then Majiwada and Manpada wards have recorded the highest number of cases. positive. This continues until today, more than half of the daily or total positive cases come from this service.

Dr Sanjay Pingulkar, Senior Physician and member of the Thane Rapid Action Covid team, said: “The increase in the number of cases in the Majiwada-Manpada district could probably be due to the increase in the new population in this district. It consists of the middle or upper middle class, who want to get tested as soon as they show symptoms. This is the reason why the number of positive cases seems more. However, there might be many more in other services that have not been tested and therefore will not be detected. »

Dr Amol Gite, Medical Director of Siddhivinayak Hospital in Thane, said: “Those residing in this ward are mostly from the wealthy class. They don’t use public transport or interact much with their neighbors, which prevents them from developing herd immunity. This could be one of the reasons why an increasing number of positive patients have been discharged from this service and continue to do so.

Meanwhile, TMC officials say it was only when various pathways started to open up after the first wave that cases spiked in Majiwada and Manpada neighborhoods. “Initially, we sealed the companies with the highest number of cases. Gradually, we began to identify these areas and declare them containment areas. However, as home isolation has been encouraged, it has become easier to monitor infected patients in Majiwada-Manpada and Vartak Nagar wards,” said Sandeep Malvi, Additional Commissioner, TMC.

Highest mortality in people over 60

So far, all of the positive cases in Thane city are people between the ages of 31 and 40, but the highest death rate is in the elderly. Among all positive cases, 22% are between 31 and 40 years old, 18.4% are between 41 and 50 years old, 16.9% are over 60 years old and 16.7% of the positive population are aged 21. at 30 years old. years of age.

The least affected are those under 10, with just 3.4% of the population and 6.9% among 11 to 20 year olds in the past two years. Currently, the most active cases are among 41 to 50 year olds.

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