Meet Dr. Gaurav Gite, the founder of VS Astrology

Dr. Gaurav Gite is a big name in the field of astrology, he hails from khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh (India). he did a doctorate in astrology and serving the peoples not only in India but all over the world. He has a deep knowledge of astrology. The main thing is that he waged a steady campaign against robbery and superstitions in the name of astrology. He founded VS Astrology in 2012 and launched it on social media in 2016 via Youtube. After a good response from YouTube, he launched VS Astrology on Facebook and Instagram. Here again he found a good response from peoples. Right now, millions of viewers and astrology students follow VS Astrology advice and learning.

Dr. Gaurav Gite aims to teach astrology to ordinary people because he believes astrology is a great invention of our rishi muni for ordinary people to serve them, solve their problems. Astrology is a complex subject and not easy to understand and that is the only reason why ordinary and innocent people come to see the astrologer, but the harsh reality is that some so called astrology people are looting in the name of astrology. And due to this harsh reality, dr gaurav guesthouse teaches astrology for free by VS Astrology, so that ordinary people can understand astrology and not fall into superstitions.

Let’s see how Dr. Gaurav Gite became a top astrologer.

* Dr. Gaurav Gite hails from a small district and comes from a common family as he can understand the struggle of ordinary people.

* After his father passed away when he was only 9 years old, he struggled a lot and then he discovered that fate matters a lot. He studied astrology from an early age and after completing a doctorate in astrology.

Dr Gaurav Gite was born on August 1, 1989, so he is a young astrologer with a great goal and a great desire to serve.

He discovered the harsh reality that there is a lot of looting in the name of God and astrology especially in India, so he started a campaign against looting and superstitions.

* Along with the astrologer, Dr. Gaurav Gite is also a good teacher, he teaches astrology appreciated by all followers and viewers.

* Dr. Gaurav Gite was a math and science student in his school and college, so he understands modern science very well.

* He is a good mathematician. As an astrologer, this is very important.

* Dr. Gaurav Gite is not money minded as he does many live broadcasts on social media and does free kundali consultations in his live broadcasts. He also helps the poor free of charge.

* Dr. Gaurav Gite founded VS Astrology, and VS Astrology is the most popular astrology place on social media nowadays and it is growing day by day.

* Lodging Dr Gaurav is a soft-spoken, genuine astrologer, the soft-spoken, smiling face is a big USP of him.

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