Moliving presents the world’s first nomadic hotel concept

Moliving is the world’s first nomadic hotel concept, making mobile hospitality a reality with its new luxury prefabricated units that can appear anytime and anywhere. Being at the forefront of eco-responsibility, Moliving Units are designed with durability, durability, modularity and luxury in mind, and can be moved without leaving a trace. Moliving recently unveiled its first model unit at the future site of what will be its flagship hotel in New York’s Hudson Valley, which will open in spring 2022.

By focusing on seasonal and traditionally hard-to-develop markets, Moliving offers future hoteliers and property owners the ability to build hotels in months, rather than years, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hotel. With mobility in mind, Moliving can predict seasonal demand and adjust room inventory to meet demand in real time. Moliving is the first hotel group capable of effectively reaching and maintaining peak occupancy and ADR throughout the year.

Moliving units are built off-site by modular manufacturers in controlled facilities that are selected to ensure efficiency, predictability and reliability. SG Blocks, an innovative designer and manufacturer of modules, was contracted to produce 60 units for Moliving’s first hotel at Hurley House. They are responsible for creating products that exceed many standard building code requirements while remaining efficient and environmentally friendly. SG Blocks also has a notable clientele including Marriott, Aman, Equinox, etc.


Moliving units are 45 feet long and offer approximately 400 square feet of personal interior space as well as two generously sized 120 square foot outdoor decks located at the front and rear of each unit. They can be custom designed according to the chosen location through the use of innovative panel systems.

Each unit is outfitted with wood-clad interiors complemented by soothing earth tones to blend in with each new destination. Floor-to-ceiling windows and transoms throughout the unit and an oversized skylight in the spa-inspired bathroom allow guests to soak up the view. The open floor plan intelligently offers separate living, sleeping and working spaces. The bed is constructed in such a way that it can be easily and subtly converted to a king bed or two twin beds.

All units will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities including a 55-inch Samsung Smart TV, Devialet wireless speaker, USB ports, safe, private bar, electronically controlled blinds and internet connection. Wireless.


Built on a custom-designed chassis, Moliving units can be set up stand-alone or grouped together to form a multi-level facility. Each Moliving unit can be fully self-contained, with the flexibility to be configured in an “off-grid” setting or connected to the host property in minutes. Each unit uses the latest lithium battery technology to store energy recovered from solar panels on the roof, gray water recycling technology for reduced water consumption, UV disinfection technology, controls hands-free for all electronic devices and seamless integration of tablet control. Moliving is also in the process of creating a mobile app that will provide an interface for all guests on the unit to manage all accommodation functions in the front and back of the house, from check-in to travel requests. ‘extra pillows.


Moliving offers property owners and hoteliers the ability to build hotels in months, rather than years, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hotel. With mobility in mind, Moliving’s mission is to democratize the hospitality industry and enable property owners to invest in their property as a hotel destination in a more efficient and scalable way. With Moliving units, the risk of budget overruns and / or project delays is significantly reduced.

Future developments

Hurley House is slated to debut in the Hudson Valley in the spring of 2022 with plans to further develop the brand in several locations on the east coast. Beyond that, Moliving is looking for partners in desirable seasonal locations such as: Joshua Tree, CA; Lake Tahoe, NV; Sonoma, California; and Vail, CO; France, Italy, Spain and Portugal are some international destinations of interest for Moliving as the team is poised for rapid expansion.

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