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Jerome Cannaday and Lisa Cannaday

ST. LOUIS — The Ferguson wife whose husband is accused of murdering her in downtown St. Louis last weekend recently went into business with her husband doing out-of-town deliveries for Amazon .

Lisa Cannaday was an affable woman who made friends easily and was “extremely comical,” her older brother, Patrick Reel, told The Post-Dispatch on Thursday. “She was a beautiful person.”

The husband, Jerome Cannaday, 43, was charged on Wednesday with first degree murder and felony armed felony in the death of his wife. He is being held without bail.

Lisa Cannaday, 48, was found lying on the side of the road around 10:45 p.m. Saturday in the 400 block of North Fourth Street near Washington Avenue. She had been shot more than once and was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at St. Louis University Hospital.

The couple lived with their teenage daughter in the 600 block of Charmont Drive in Ferguson.

Surveillance video showed the couple in a car approaching the southeast corner of Fourth and Washington, police said in court documents. When the car stopped, Lisa Cannaday is seen opening the front door of the passenger car and walking down the street.

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Surveillance footage showed a “muzzle flash” as the driver shot him, police said. The car is gone. Several minutes later, Jerome Cannaday pulled over a few blocks away, stayed in his car, and called 911, court documents show.

Reel says he doesn’t know what led to his sister’s murder. He said that his sister and her husband argued from time to time, but he never imagined it would turn deadly.

“It just caught everyone off guard,” said Reel, who is a pastor at a church in Normandy. “I know they had a fight, but I understand he might get a little disconnected if he’s been drinking.”

Lisa Cannaday had two children, 30-year-old son Michael and 18-year-old daughter Jordan – both names are a nod to former NBA superstar and favorite athlete Lisa Cannaday .

Reel said her sister was an entrepreneur. She owned rental property and four months ago bought a box truck with her husband so they could deliver for Amazon in Chicago and other Midwestern cities.

Reel described her sister as “very smart” and a straight student throughout school. She was raised in a religious family, Reel said, and came with a strong religious and biblical belief.

She was also “extremely comical”, said Reel, and enjoyed laughing and making others laugh.

“She’s made easy friends all her life,” he added. “She might meet someone in a restaurant and before you know it they were taking pictures together. You’d think they’d known each other their whole lives.

Reel spoke about his sister last Sunday in church hours after her death and said he had no animosity towards his brother-in-law.

Reel said his message to Jerome Cannaday was simply, “I hate that this happened to you two. I miss you both.”

Police arrested Jerome Cannaday six blocks from the crime scene after calling 911.

In court documents, police say Jerome Cannaday admitted driving the car his wife was in. He also admitted to being at the scene of the homicide armed with a semi-automatic pistol. He was convicted of a drug and weapons felony, which makes it a crime for him to have a gun.

After the death of his wife, Jerome Cannaday was imprisoned solely for illegal possession of a weapon. The circuit attorney’s office added the murder charge on Wednesday.

No attorney is listed for him in online court documents.

Joel Currier of Post-Dispatch staff contributed to this report.

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