Pandemic fatigue threatens COVID-19, monkeypox funding requests

But the Biden administration says it needs more or the number of cases could rebound. The government is running out of money for COVID-19 tests and injections just as the country heads into winter – a season in which COVID-19 cases are expected to rise, with the possibility of new ones. variations emerge.

As of September 2, Americans can no longer order free at-home rapid tests from the federal government, and the Department of Health and Human Services announced that it will run out of federal dollars to purchase and distribute COVID-19 vaccines. as soon as possible. in January 2023.

The monkeypox epidemic faces similar funding challenges.

Sexual health clinics, which have been largely on the front lines of the outbreak, are struggling to meet patient needs. A cam Congress allocates.

“Firefighters are not supposed to fight fire without water, any more than the military are supposed to fight wars without weapons. Yet, over the past three months, we have been on the front lines asking leaders for the support our network desperately needs,” David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors, said in a statement.

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