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When recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a package be shown on the deed. However, a revenue stamp at the rate of $2 per $1,000 of value is affixed to each deed.

Recent property transfers recorded at the Surry County Deeds Registry Office include:

– The Holder Family Limited Partnership, Holder Family Limited Partnership and Lillian A. Holder to Stephennie Marie Elizalde; lot 1 block 3 Highland Park PB 1 28 Mount Airy; $207.

– David J. Brown to Wanda M. Whitley; condominium deed unit 1B Greenhill Condominiums bk 1 PG 75-77 Mount Airy; $590.

– Ephraim Monroe Hiatt and Amy Jones Hiatt to Kelly H. Byrd and Kem G. Byrd; 64/100 acre Westfield; $0.

– Janene Budnik, Charles A. Budnik Jr., Regina S. Watters and CA Budnik Jr. to Michael Matthew Janow; 10,001 Dobsonian acres; $332.

– Lee Roy Willard to Betty Willard; 3 acres of Mount Airy; $0.

– Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC, JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. and Charles Del Beitel at JP Morgan Acquisitian Corp. and First American Title; 1624/1017 alternate trustees deed 1,285 acres; $248.

– Lisa Corder, Deborah C. Garris and Billy G. Corder to Wanda C. Molina; 3,436 acres PB 40,150 Marsh; $0.

– Robert Rufus Easter Jr. and Juanita D. Easter to Tyler Andrew Easter; 40,264 acres PB 33,142 Bryan; $0.

– Josh Ray Holder and Elizabeth Holder to Laraine S. Miller; lot 16 subdivision Oriole Estates PB 25 191 Pilot; $956.

– Standard Development Company, LLC at SE 1225 and 1227 Mount Airy, LLC; plot two 0.516 acres plot one and plot three 0.484 acres plot two PB 32,135; $1,350.

– Terry A. Reinhart to Michael Lee Cudd and Victoria Paige Cudd; lot 1 parcel and lot 2 0.7659 acres and lot 3 0.1699 acres and lot 4 parcel Mount Airy; $458.

– Lavanda B. Kirkman to Larry Eugene Childress Jr. and Toynia Childress; Mount Airy tracts; $418.

– Deborah M. Fowler to Rodney Fowler; one 0.68 acre parcel and one two 0.79 acre Shoals parcel; $0.

– Shirley Moore Holcomb to Brian Edward Key; tract 556 Burcham Road State Road Elkin; $0.

– Sabrina Terry and Keith Terry to Timothy M. Decker and Karen A. Decker; 1.77 acre pilot; $600.

– Clock Corner, LLC to Rand Properties, LLC; 3,940 square feet Mount Airy; $1,255.

– Howard E. Lichtenberger and Claudia L. Lichtenberger at the Freedom & Liberty Worship Center, Inc.; track pilot; $1,028.

– Joshua BS Horton and Rachel Marie Horton to Jesus Gonzalez Guerrero; 1.4408 acres, lot seven River Bend PB 14 76; $150.

– John Michael Varnier to John Michael Varnier, Dawn Varnier Beechner and Dawn Beechner Varnier; lot 39 section E Cross Creek Country Club Inc.; residential development phase II PB 9 32-33 Mount Airy; $0.

– Noe Garcia and Shinee Gacia at Redoak Development, LLC; 1,012 acres of Mount Airy; $180.

– Michael Dale Wall and Katrina Jane Wall to Cody J. Lunsford and Kristen N. Lunsford; 2.90 acres of Mount Airy; $210.

– Ryan A. Stanley to Abel Santoyo; lot 7-11 VM Draugh Land PB 4 55 Dobson; $368.

– Wanda C. Molina, Danny R. Molina and Deborah C. Garris to Billy G. Corder; 1,066 acres parcel 2 PB 40 150 Marsh; $0.

– George Robert Jenkins Jr. to Hallie Kast; Marsh of the tracks; $0.

– Pamela Sue Robins at Autum Phillips Hawkins; tract one 1 acre and tract two 3,760 square feet Elkin; $370.

– Ricky D. Baker, Linda Westmoreland and Eddie Westmoreland at Harley W. Vestal; lots 25-28 and 41-42 JE Brown subdivision PB 4 166; $50.

– Richard L. Weagraff to Kelsey M. Creson; lot 9 section 1 subdivision Autumn Hills PB 14 194; $260.

– Lisa Corder, Billy G. Corder, Wanda C. Molina and Danny R. Molina to Deborah C. Garris; 1,789 acres PB 40,150 Marsh; $0.

– Warren Rowan Properties, LLC to Belmont Ventures, LLC; 2,482 acres and 0.35 acres lots 49-50 Hillcrest Development PB 1 33 and 16,198 square feet lot 5 JG Booker Property PB 6 50 Mount Airy; $570.

– Willis Edward Branch and Mary Kathryn Branch to Jay Mitchell Robertson; parcel one of 1,183 acres PB 28,125 and 144 and parcel two of 25,638 acres PB 28,146 Dobson; $215.

– Mary O’Quinn and Mary Beall to Michael Andre; lot 57 section 1 Burkwood PB 4 125 Mount Airy; $0.

– Jeffrey Dean Johnson and Tamara Johnson to Joseph Nathaniel Johnson and Rebecca Athey Johnson; 2.85 Dobsonian acres; $360.

– Estate of Geneviève Parks Edwards, Sharon E. Dawson and Geneviève Parks Edwards to Devaron Scott and Abigail Scott; lot 12 Springfield Estates PB 14,226 Longhill Estate of Genevieve Parks Edwards file 22,220; $490.

– Marletta R. Page to Richard L. Bagby and Elizabeth Bagby; lot 41 Hollyview Forest section 3 PB 7 2 Mount Airy; $630.

– Norma Morris Cockerham to Marrisa Leigh Cockerham Montgomery; Westfield area; $0.

– William Bruce Crigger to Cossie Ayers; Mount Airy tract; $50.

– Estate of Dolly Grayson Cockerham, Vickie Cockerham Lowe, Dolly Grayson Cockerham, Aubrey C. Lowe, Joseph Bryan Cockerham, Tracy Cockerham, Phillip D. Harrison and Amy L. Harrison to Leticia Reyes De Carreon; lot 19-20 Fisher Creek Development PB 15 61 PID 5937-00-44-0964 and 5937-00-45-1011 Eldora; $27.

– Daniel Ray Southern and Beth C. Southern to Luann S. Edwards; Stewarts Creek area; $0.

– Eagle Ridge Properties of NC, LLC to John C. Kennedy; Lots 44-47 Block C Orchard Hills Subdivision PB 4 72 Mount Airy; $390.

– Bedford Stevens Jr. to Nancy J. Stevens; Eldora tract waiver; $0.

– Nancy J. Stevens to Corine J. Brouwer; Eldora tract; $400.

– Stephanie Ann McKnight and Ricky Fredrick McKnight to Danny Leon Wood and Melissa Mae Wood; lot 14-15 section A PB 4,196 Marsh Wildlife Club; $0.

– William Edgar Buehler and Amy Bell Buehler to Jerry Michael Watson and Patsy Gentry Watson; condominium deed unit 110 Plantation Place Condominium (formerly Hazelnut Plantation Condominiums phase 11) bk 1,217-218, 221, 233, 235, 254, 276, 295, 302, 305, 322, 325, 343 and bk 1,306 Mount Airy; $638.

– Brian Gammons and Andi Lynnette Gammons to Andy Larry Cockerham and Misty Hurlburt; 5.00 acres new lot 1 PB 38 114 Stewarts Creek; $0.

– Krista Moore Jones and Michael R. Jones to Jane Walker Parrish; 0.48 acre lot 31 and part of lot 32 Earnest M. Calloway Subdivision PB 6 100 Mount Airy; $520.

– John M. Wilmoth Jr., Linda Wilmoth and Sherry Wilmoth to Sherry Wilmoth; $0.

– Tammy Brown Elliot and David Elliot to Ralp Beshears and Libby Beshears; Lot 6 Block A Victoria Heights Elkin Subdivision; $410.

– Stephen Michael Veghte to Margaret A. Christian Trust and Margaret A. Christian; four Mount Airy stretches; $530.

– Yvonne White Edwards, John Edwards, William C. White, Garry T. White, Linda White, Ella H. Moore, Jennifer Moore Zeman, Donna M. Swift, Wayne Swift, Lisa Moore Harris, Lewis Moore, Ginger M. Ramey, Phillip Ramey, Brandon Moore and Charlotte R. Moore to Keith Moore; 8,730 Dobsonian acres; $0.

– Bethany Marie Riddle and Nicholas Allen Riddle to David Lee Whitaker Jr. and Tracy Ann Whitaker; 5,002 acres Rockford; $145.

– Frances McAlister, Emma Faye Lehman and Jerry D. Lehman to William Clay Draughn and Faye H. Draughn; 23,599 acres PB 40,113 South Westfield; $176.

– CK Technologies, LLC to Creative Opportunities, LLC; 30.0026 acres PB 23 23; $7,160.

– Terri Hawks Weddle, Lynn P. Weddle, Alisha Stone Howard, Christopher Michael Howard, Ryan Lee Stone and Jessica Bowman Stone to Eric D. Baugus; leaflet; $310.

– Michelle P. Wagoner, Gregory Wagoner, Scarlet P. Lyons and Rocky Charles Lyons to David Fuller Callaway and Allison Elizabeth Callaway; 0.397 acre Elkin; $360.

– The Allen J. Lovill Trust, Robert J. Lovill III, Elizabeth J. Lovill and Allen J. Lovill to Kenneth Hutson and Stefanie France; Lot 16 Ring Creek Subdivision PB 23 79; $46.

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