Smooth French Dewar whiskey is finished in cider casks

French Dewar smooth. (Photo: Dewar’s)

Scotch whiskey brand Dewar’s announced the release of Dewar’s French Smooth on Wednesday. This expression was created by finishing the brand’s signature 8-year-old, double-aged blend in barrels of Apple Brand Calvados cider from Normandy, France.

Other whiskeys in Dewar’s “Smooth” range include Portuguese Smooth, Ilegal Smooth and Caribbean Smooth.

Dewar’s French Smooth Tasting Notes, Via the Brand

“The surprisingly decadent Dewar’s French Smooth uses the oak that creates traditional Calvados cider to enhance the sweetness of the liquid to develop a delicious blend of baked apples, citrus and a hint of cinnamon. Given this unique characteristic, the notes on the nose create a complex yet sweet smell with a honeyed sweetness and a dusting of custard.

Thanks to the crunchy taste of the apples, the finished product becomes a perfect study in the balance, creaminess and encapsulation of the best of France and Scotland brought together while offering a modest price for the extremely smooth liquid. .

Apple Cinnamon Dewar Highball Recipe

Dewar’s suggests a highball cocktail recipe using Dewar’s French Smooth. Here is the recipe:


37.5ml Dewar’s French Smooth
12.5ml lemon juice
12.5 ml cinnamon syrup
25ml cloudy apple juice
100ml sparkling water


1. Add whiskey, lemon juice, cinnamon syrup and apple juice to a highball glass, then fill the glass with ice cubes.
2. Top with club soda, stir from bottom to top and top with an apple slice

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