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Sunday Roast / Jonathan Croquet

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As Asia President of Phillips Auction House, Jonathan Crockett is a familiar face at the company’s contemporary art sales in Hong Kong: hammer in one hand, signature gold pen in the other. The Oxfordshire native moved to Hong Kong in 2009 after starting his career at Christie’s and Sotheby’s in London. Here he tells us about swimming in the sea, slow cooking and his love of hot sauces.

Where do we meet you this weekend?
The south side of Hong Kong Island, Shouson Hill. The beach is down the road and up there is a country park.

How do you like to start a Sunday: a soft start or a bump?
I like to spend two or three hours trail running or swimming in the sea water. Sleeping in is not possible with two young children in the house.

Your soundtrack of choice?
I listen to news podcasts when I walk my dog, but when I run it’s usually electronic music. I’m a big fan of Daft Punk and U2. “With or Without You” is my all-time favorite.

What’s for breakfast?
Always the same: three boiled eggs and a bowl of broccoli. But I could spruce it up with berries. I started this a year ago, after having taken a health cure to get back in shape.

News or not?
the FT weekend in print, delivered to the door. I reserve an hour just before lunch, usually when our youngest son is sleeping. It’s one of the things I do religiously.

Walk the dog or dog down?
Walking Ruby, our five-year-old black Labrador. I once went to visit a client hoping to walk away with one of his auction paintings, but instead I walked away with his dog. It is perfect for young children and my wife, who does not like dogs.

Lunch inside or outside?
Dinner is our main meal. I love to cook with a slow cooker, so before I run, I’m going to prep all the ingredients and put them in the slow cooker for eight hours. The osso buco is one of my favorites.

Who joins?
Friday or Saturday, maybe a group of friends. But Sunday is family time so it’s just us.

Pantry essentials you can’t live without?
I’m a little addicted to chilli. Our refrigerator probably contains 10 different types of chili sauce, ranging from Tabasco and XO sauce to sambal oelek. Also, coffee beans, dark chocolate and Marmite. Marmite on toast is a big thing for me and my eldest son.

Sunday culture must?
Classic FM.

A glass of something you would recommend?
I love the Nyetimber English sparkling wine. I also like the Italian Franciacorta sparkling wine. My wife is more of a red wine drinker so if it’s not a party we’ll open a bottle of cannonau [grenache] from Sardinia.

Sunday evening beauty or well-being routine?
I am trying to call my parents or siblings in the UK. It’s for the betterment of our relationship. It’s hard right now not being able to see family [due to coronavirus restrictions in Hong Kong]. I really miss them. As for my appearance, I go to a barber shop in Central: Fox and the Barber.

Are you preparing your look for Monday? What will you wear?
If I’m meeting clients, I’ll wear a double-breasted suit. I’m a fan of Ring Jacket, a Japanese brand that The Armory sells in Hong Kong, and Ascot Chang shirts. For marquee auctions, I’ll wear a red tie for good luck.

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