Taxi driver hit with bottle after ‘arriving late’

Taxi driver hit with bottle after ‘arriving late’

A furious customer who beat a late taxi driver on the head with a glass bottle has walked out of court with a suspended sentence.

Malcolm Njururi’s suspended six-month prison sentence will be served when an existing two-year sentence – imposed last December for dealing hard drugs – runs out in 2023.

Yesterday, Oxford The Magistrates Court heard how the 24-year-old ordered a Royal Cars car to pick him up from a property in Allder Close on April 30 last year.

When the driver arrived, no one was waiting for the car. He called the number of the man who had booked the taxi. Njururi responded, telling the driver it was too late and he didn’t want the taxi anymore.

As the first taxi waited outside the property, a vehicle from another company showed up. Njururi went to talk to the second driver.

The accused was directed to the first taxi and a heated discussion began, the court was told.

Prosecutor Ann Sawyer-Brandish said the driver of the first vehicle did not know if Njururi was opening the car door or going through the open window.

He felt a crack in his head and when he touched the wound he discovered that he was bleeding.

The driver was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital and treated for a 5cm head injury.

Photographs previously shown in the trial court showed blood on the sidewalk and the taxi driver’s bloody head.

In his statement to police, the minicab driver said the fight left him “very scared and shaken”.

“I will no longer be a taxi driver because of this incident,” he added.

“I don’t come to work to be mugged by someone when I’m just trying to finish my job.”

Njururi, of Normandy Crescent, Oxford, pleaded guilty last month to causing actual bodily harm.

When he returned to Oxford Magistrates’ Court for sentencing on Thursday, judges heard the assault had been committed before he was handed a two-year suspended prison sentence by a magistrate’s court judge. the Crown in December.

It was important, defense attorney Gordana Austin said, because it meant he hadn’t breached the judge’s sentence – and wouldn’t face a near-automatic activation of the two-year prison sentence. .

Ms Austin asked the bench to bear in mind the delay in the indicted case – the reasons for which were unclear. His client, a father of two, had moved in with his mother, was working, and had stayed out of trouble.

Njururi hadn’t realized he had a bottle in his hand when he hit the taxi driver, she added.

The bench imposed a six-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, with 200 hours of unpaid work and ordered him to pay £300 in compensation and £213 in costs and surcharge.

This story was written by Tom Seaward. He joined the team in 2021 as a forensic and crime reporter from Oxfordshire.

To contact him, email: [email protected]

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