The town of New Forest where you could have a longer life

NEW data has revealed that Lymington is the best place in the UK to live longer.

Life expectancy in the town of New Forest is the highest in the UK, at 86.7, compared to a UK average of 81, meaning its elderly residents are enjoying more than five extra years of their lives in the city, according to data from TakingCare.

And its popularity among older people continues to grow, with over 30% of Lymington’s population aged 65 and over.

The town has also been noted for its quality of life for older people, with the average property price in the area at £555,000, good outdoor spaces including Woodside Park and the Normandy Lagoon, and no less than 61 fish and chip shops in the area. .

Louise Yasities of TakingCare, said of the data: “As we age, we find that new things become more important to us.

“Moving to a place that is not only a fantastic place to live, but will also provide the services needed to take care of you as you age is crucial for those over 65.

“We crunched the numbers to assess these considerations and developed this list of the best places in the UK for people in retirement; from bingo halls to the number of care homes for each senior citizen, we have spared no effort to find the best destinations for our senior population.

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