This $54million estate in Hamilton is the size of a Walmart and has its own banquet hall

If you’re looking to live in the ultimate luxury and opulence, you won’t want to look any further than one of the most expensive properties – and the second most expensive home – available in Canada right now on a vast area of ​​Hamilton listed at $54 million.

The mansion is located at 140 Garner Road E., minutes from downtown Southern Ontario and about an hour’s drive from Toronto.

Although the price is absolutely insane, the gigantic home has too many over-the-top amenities and attributes to name – so many that the list doesn’t even bother to expand on any, or list the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. bathrooms are in the gigantic footprint, which is as big as a Walmart.

The gates lead to a driveway where you can fit 50 or more cars. It is circular and appears to be designed for the valet.

It all starts with wrought-iron gates that open onto a massive circular driveway (with central fountain) that can accommodate dozens of cars, though it appears designed for the valet.

120 way of the sheaf

Another angle of the magnificent palace of a house.

Huge pillars and overhang welcome you through double oak doors into the dramatic lobby, where you’ll find white marble floors, soaring ceilings painted to resemble the sky, and double staircases leading down either side of a house that Really feels more like a hotel (the mall part of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, specifically).

140 way of the sheaf

The dramatic double staircase is the first of countless lavish features in the home.

Everything about this house is “go big or go home”, especially the actual space, with the rooms feeling too large for anyone to adequately furnish in their lifetime.

Skylights, chandeliers, crown molding, split levels with stairs and ornate banisters leading everywhere — there’s plenty to see, with a ridiculous 30,000 square feet of floor space to explore.

120 way of the sheaf

The house is decorated in a Roman style, resembling Caesars Palace.

There is a full banquet hall/event space where you can seat hundreds, with a full bar and several sets of French doors leading out to the landscaped grounds beyond.

120 way of the sheaf

Host events in your expansive banquet hall, featuring plenty of patio doors and a full stand-alone bar.

There are living and kitchen areas that you could share with your whole family, but you still have to shout to even try to hear someone, given how big they are.

120 way of the sheaf

Shout out to your family in one of the many colossal lounges. Or, ignore them altogether, since you have the space to do so.

The build is a bit visibly dated, sure, but has tons of expensive features and space, especially the lot it sits on.

120 way of the sheaf

Living spaces are legitimately too big, to the point that they look silly with normal furniture in them.

Although not much is mentioned about the house itself in the ad, what is highlighted is the fact that the custom construction is taking place on a staggering 85 acres of land that the brokerage appears to be. boast for future development purposes: “Invest in your future! ! Potential plot that could be included in the next Official Plan expansion!” it reads.

120 way of the sheaf

The property is huge and ideal for building an entire development, if you are the right buyer.

Since it would take a major developer or celebrity to consider a home at this price point anyway, their positioning is probably a good tactic.

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