Three St. Cloud Soldiers Honored at State Patrol Awards Ceremony

ST. PAUL — Citizens, soldiers and other public officials were honored Friday at the annual Minnesota State Patrol Awards.

Each year, the event highlights people who have performed heroic deeds that have saved lives. Colonel Matt Langer says the honorees went above and beyond just doing their jobs.

I like to think of it because they did their job, just like we pay them to do it, and just like Minnesotans rely on them to do it, but the core value is like the extra style points where you take an incident critical and you apply a soldier, a utility vehicle inspector, a capital security officer, a support staff or a dispatcher, and you apply their skills and abilities to that situation and they take a chaotic crisis and they literally tie up a red bow on it.

Three members of the St. Cloud State Patrol were honored for their heroism in 2020 and 2021 during the virtual event. Rider Brandon Prowatzke received a Life Saving Award for helping an unresponsive driver and passenger breathe following a DUI crash using Narcan and a valve mask until medics arrived.

Meritorious Service Award went to Trooper Steve Quern and sergeant James brings. Quern was honored for helping eliminate an active shooter in Albert Lea who fired more than 90 rounds in a neighborhood, damaging property and injuring a police officer and two citizens.

Langer says Brings received the award for her response to the active shooter situation at the Allina Health Clinic in Buffalo.

Probably no more difficult situation could be imposed on law enforcement than an active shooter situation. What he did was use his police car. He drove the police car and everyone followed him, using him as cover. He put himself in danger that day and was one of the main reasons law enforcement was able to enter.

Nearly 50 people were honored at the event in total.

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