Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your B&B or B&B Business

7. Don’t forget word of mouth

Your happy customers are the easiest way to grow your business, so think of ways to entice those people to book again and entice their family or friends to book. You can encourage them to leave reviews, offer special offers to rebook or refer a friend, or just stay in touch with a friendly email from time to time.

8. Offer contests and giveaways

Supporting local charities and their events is a great way to gain exposure in the local community and increase your business’s visibility and credibility. Running a free contest can do the same and may result in a longer booking. Be aware, however, that social media competitions and general competitions are governed by law, so be sure to research and follow the rules.

9. Sort your signs!

It may seem obvious, but a nice, clear sign makes it much easier for customers to find you. It’s also a visual reminder to anyone passing by that you’re there and open for business. This often pays for itself in advertising, especially if you are located on a main or reasonably busy road. Check with your local town hall that the sign you are proposing will be well received and only place it on your land or on land where you have written permission from the owner.

10. Use local business forums and networks

Use your networks and business groups to publicize your business where you can. Everyone needs a champion, and those who know you and your service should be happy to support you, especially if you support them.

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