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Recorded Property Transfers in Trumbull County July 11-15:


Brenkert Construction LLC to Catherine J. Benton, 3202 Durst Clagg Road, $284,900

Craig Johnson to Chris E. Karing, 2635 Wilson Sharpsville Road, $232,500


Frederick J. Larson to Peter Sorokin and Anna Sorokin, 695 Center of the World South, $270,000

Kenneth D. Reed and Elizabeth J. Alexander to Ashley Farrar, 5279 State Route 303, $145,000

Jason H. Wilson and Tiana R. Wilson to O’Connor W. Wilson, Braceville Robinson Road, $135,000


Curtis Crump to Gabrielle M. Calior, 6047 Stewart Sharon Road, $210,000

Scott Mcilvain to Breanna Perrine, 7859 Second St., $115,000

Elena Goleb to Ian Simmons, State Street, $105,000


Lewis Dorsey and Donna Dorsey to Albert J. Johnson Jr. and Laura L. Stringham, 319 Earl Drive, $125,000


Divvy Homes Warehouse III LLC to Karen Ochoa, 113 Hickory Circle, $191,245

Taylor Lynn Pagano and Matthew A. Pagano to Justin Cox, 231 Michaels Court, $391,000

Joseph J. Shilling to Floyd Ruiter, 176 Gates Street, $60,000

Floyd Ruiter to My Retirement LLC, 176 Gates St., $30,000


Carol A. Shick to Timber Management Services LLC, 623 Powers Ave., $82,500

Bigley Real Estate Investments LLC to Kendail Tremaine Banks Trust, 1000 State St., $45,000

R&S Land Co LLC to MAK Realty LLC, 349 Forsythe Ave., $60,000

John Creatura in Orlando Corsale and Luann Corsale, 24 Elruth Ave., $139,500


James Michael Builders LLC to Stephen G. Zubyk II and Abbie M. Zubyk, Creed Avenue, $59,300

New Dawn Salon and Day Spa LLC to Lynne M. Nagy and William S. Nagy, 250 W. Liberty St., $260,000

David Ray to Fluent Holdings LLC, 7387 Hubbard Bedford Road, $145,750


Michael E. Eddy and Mark E. Eddy to Craig Grenentz and Theresa Grenentz, 3646 Boston Ave., $115,000

Carla M. Pastore and Laurencia Calai to Marcia Endicott and Somers H. Endicott, 3404 Orchard Court, $155,000

Cang T. Nguyen to Dwight Brown, 215 S. Aspen Court, Unit 2, $149,900

Mark A. Furrie and Theresa M. Furrie to Pauline Mae Anderson, 7645 Micawber Road, $243,900

Jordan D. Clay to Medina Real Estate Solutions LLC, 4305 Sunnybrook Drive, $92,000

Samuel A. Piacquadio and Tami S. Piacquadio to Jared W. Soell and Kelsie J. Soell, 22240 Brittainy Oaks Trail, $350,000


Longberry and Shohayda LTD to Bortnick BOB Properties LLC, State Route 5, $245,000

Paul M. Letwen and Patricia Letwen to Barbara Jo Letwen Clemson, Ridge Road, $141,000


Shawn M. Higgins and Jessica Ann Higgins to Tracy Moy, Lakeview Drive, $100,000


SLT REI LLC to Thomas J. Flamini Jr., 1519 Montrose St., $87,500

David T. Lepley to Bruce Irish and Pallavi Ruth Irish, 5597 Kingwood Lane, $349,900

Willie Mae Warr to Joyce Van Etten and Bryan James Steinmetz, 3500 Cardinal Drive, $147,900


EK Real Estate Fund I LLC to Jenna Batcho, 743 Oregon Ave., $155,000


Marlin D. Barkman to Stacey A. Thompson, 5270 Hoagland Blackstub Road, $200,000

Jack Gaston to Jesse C. McCormick, 6990 Morrell Ray Road, $50,000


Ruth H. Yeager to Katrina Kuklo, Riverview Avenue, $130,000

L&V Associates to Lester L. Hershberger Sr. and Lester L. Hershberger Jr., 5 River St., $140,000

Robert W. Omalley and Joan K. Omalley to TRK Properties LTD, James Court, $130,000


Rachel R. Rook to DES Management LLC, 46 Hyde St., $136,000

Joan R. Anderson to Justin D. Stowers, 1405 Gypsy Lane, $95,000

Jennifer L. Scharf to Corry L. McKelvey, 564 Nash Street, $100,000

Rhonda A. Brudi to David Richards, 713 Scott Street, $40,000

Lymanc LLC to Corey Delratta, 727 LaFayette Ave, $60,225

Therese R. Kuhl to Gabrielle Coschia and Cameron Goddard, 338 Trumbull Ave., $115,000

Rocco A. Nori Jr. to Michael A. Zickefoose and Brittany L. Zickefoose, 1825 Roosevelt St., $249,900

Winifred Y. Daniel and Jacquelyn M. Daniel to Adele M. Gerke, 924 Nob Hill Unit 4, $80,000


Christopher Thorndike to M Walker Investments LLC, Anderson Anthony Road, $65,000

Chester J. Miller and Albert J. Miller to Northeast Logging and Lumber LLC, 5401 State Route 305, $100,000

Matthew Bradley and Alicia R. Bradley to Philip E. Clingerman and Vicky L. Clingerman, 2531 State Route 534, $88,000


Douglas Bush to David L. Harnett, 7463 Warren Meadville Road, $49,000


Joseph A. Mihaly to Stanley R. Ward and Patricia L. Ward, 1489 Melbourne Ave., $171,500

Lori Anne Whitmire and John D. Coligado to Robert M. Matthew House and Teresa A. House, 1473 Melbourne Ave., $185,000

Kathryn Szabo and Broc Root to NEO Group 1 LLC, 1918 Youngstown Kingsville Road, $125,000

Ronald D. Catchpole and Paulette E. Catchpole to Walter J. Angelo and Karen L. Angelo, 945 Walls Lake Drive, $305,000


Brandon L. Lowe to Kyle A. Damico and Toni Damico, 1745 North Tod Ave., $118,000

Lawless LLC to Chris Martinez and Pablo Martinez, 539 Phillips Ave., $23,000

Danielle Jennings to Deborah Page, 3811 North Woods Unit 2, $95,000

Althea Lichvarcik to Miguel Figueroa, 2462 S. Tod Ave., $35,000

Victor G. Cummins and Beverly A. Cummins to Rana Pagano, 1744 Edgewood Ave., $55,000

Quintina S. Witherow to Brandon Greathouse, 1704 Maplewood Street, $35,500

Stephen F. Wanner to Abigail Baker and Brent Whitehead, 2753 Dartmoor Drive, $195,000

James A. Ochsenbine to RTM Development LLC, 1800 S. Leavitt Road, $112,000

Debra Ann Webb Weaver and Kristen Kay Falies to Nathan J. Long, Brookside Drive, $58,000

Audrey J. Kremm to Robert G. Scheitrumpf, 1434 Surrey Point Circle, $198,900

Richard A. Politsky Jr. to Suzanne D. Shattuck, 827 Maryland Ave., $45,000

Sam M. Pope to Leanna M. Cloud, 456 Kennilworth Ave, $102,000

Helen Klein to Joseph John Andrews, 4254 Candlelight Drive, $95,000

Rashod T. Hampton to Twin Realty and Leasing LLC, 750 Paige Ave., $25,000

Lisa Taddei to Brian E. Bianco, 1334 Norwood Street, $70,000

Joann K. Durig to Michele Durig, 730 Kenmore Ave., $95,000

George G. Georges to James E. Walker, 506 Belvedere Avenue, $95,000

Roberta J. Cassidy to Sara Azadeh Kardouni, 419 Kenilworth Avenue, $47,000

Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership with Lariah Coker, 417 Second St., $39,900

Brianne Jurina to Dominic Arnold, 1552 Arthur Street, $132,000

Andrew Verbosky Jr. to Maria L. Pagano, 1296 Atlantic St., $55,000

B&T Medical LLC to Black Belt Investors, 1026 Francis Ave., $52,500


Donald A. Horsley to Amanda M. Alflen, 2266 Salt Springs Road, $164,500

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