VS Astrology leads a campaign against looting

VS Astrology founder Dr. Gaurav Gite says it is a matter of pride for us Indians that the science of Vedic Astrology was founded by our great rishi, munis. They taught us Indians, VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM, which means the whole world in our family. But unfortunately, some people don’t believe this and promote looting and superstitions in the name of astrology and religion. Astrology is a very complex subject which is very difficult to understand easily and that is the reason why ordinary and innocent people come to astrologers. But unfortunately, like in all areas, some thieves have settled in this area too. But VS Astrology regularly raises awareness of this plunder to all common people.

VS Astrology has been campaigning against looting and superstition for many years. VS Astrology founder Dr. Gaurav Gite says there are no superstitions in real astrology because astrology never pretends to change one’s fate or destiny. If you want to understand the science of astrology in the right way, then understand how, the meteorologist tells you when it’s going to rain, and based on that prediction, you walk out of the house with an umbrella. similarly, astrology also tells you when problems are going to occur and you can avoid these problems to some extent by taking remedies. But claiming to change fate is misleading, many people do puja to change their fortunes by taking huge and expensive sums, which is completely wrong. There are 99% poojas in astrology that a person can do by themselves

VS Astrology founder dr gaurav gite appeals to the general public who never get the cult out of fear. Anyone can connect with VS Astrology through Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and can do the remedy easy and free by watching and learning from the videos available here. Millions of viewers are connected to VS Astrology through this social media platform.

Regarding the change of fortune, VS Astrology founder Dr Gaurav gite says that if fortune could have been changed by taking remedies, he himself would have become Prime Minister, but that is not the case. Just consider the umbrella and rain example given above, then you have the right perspective to look at astrology.

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