Watch Now: Female Kenosha Competing On Fox’s “MasterChef: Legends” | State and regional


Rogers, who grew up in Zion, Ill., Was a fan of “MasterChef” before appearing on the show – “I watched every season. I love Gordon Ramsey and watch all of his shows” – but she truly credits her aunt, Lovie Goshay, for inspiring her to cook.

“My aunt went to culinary school and has a restaurant business,” Rogers said. “But more than that, she puts so much love on a plate. Dinner time for her is when she shows you how much she loves you. I took that too.”

The show describes Rogers’ “Signature Cuisine” as “Southern Comfort,” but when asked what that means, Rogers laughs.

“It was hard for me to find a ‘kitchen.’ I cook world-inspired comfort food; I don’t really have one type of food that I cook.”

To shut up

This season of “MasterChef” filmed in Los Angeles, ending in October 2020. (“We started in March, and it should have taken eight weeks, but we had to take a break and stop filming for a while because of COVID-19, “Rogers said.)

Which means Rogers knows who won, but she can’t say anything, not even about the next dessert episode. (“I’ll just say a lot of great desserts have been created.”)

Kenoshan Lexy Rogers, left, chats with Judges Gordon Ramsay, left to right, Guest Judge Morimoto (from “Iron Chef”) and Aarón Sánchez in the June 23 episode of “MasterChef: Legends”.

Fox Network Photo

During the shoot, the contestants all stayed at a hotel in Los Angeles, “and we all got to know each other really well,” Rogers said. “We are all still talking now. We have become very close.”


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