Wrapped Hotels NFT: pioneering the metaverse split real estate scene

Wrapped Hotels aims to democratize digital fractional real estate investments through its unique NFT collection based on rental systems and passive income generation.

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Wrapped Hotels is an NFT project announcing its upcoming Genesis launch of 999 hotel rooms on April 28.

The multiple growth of the metaverse over the past few years has been intriguing. And rest assured that this growth is not slowing down anytime soon. By 2026, 25% of people will spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse, reports Gartner. This provides an opportunity for everyone to make money in the virtual wave. Individuals, as well as businesses, need to improve their income by creating metaverse products. Additionally, approximately 30% of companies will have metaverse products and services ready by 2026.

Therefore, investing and earning in the metaverse is an exciting opportunity, especially if you’re ready for long-term play. Real estate is one of the main investment opportunities in the metaverse. According to a report, real estate in the metaverse was valued at $0.5 billion, which is expected to double to $1 billion in 2022.

Currently, 4 players dominate the metaverse real estate market namely The sandbox, Decentralized, Cryptovoxels and Somnium. Sandbox dominates the market with 62% market share followed by Decentraland with 34%. Cryptovoxels and Somnium have a combined market share of 4%.

Another report predicts that, for the next six years, metaverse real estate will grow at a rate CAGR by 31%.

How will shrouded hotels change metaverse real estate?

Currently, metaverse real estate offers options to buy land, houses, and workplaces. After hanging around in one place for a long time, you may feel monotony. Also, if you want to earn an income from it, you will need to find someone who wants to buy or rent your home. Here comes Wrapped Hotels to your rescue. If you want to know how? Let me elaborate.

Hotels packed is a digital hotel where each room has unique features. The project has an offer of 10,000 rooms. In addition, each room has three categories of use. One of the categories is that of rooms, which represent 95% of the total offer. The remaining 5% offer includes lounges and reception desks. The project uses “The Sandbox” metaverse for its “virtual chain of hotels”.

The project grants each of its NFT holders title to a room located in The Sandbox metaverse. Similar to a real-world hotel, users can rent out their rooms and generate passive income.

Coming to the vibe of the rooms that are out of this world (pun intended). The project team worked hard on the aesthetics of the room by providing over 200 jaw-dropping furniture designs (features). In addition, the furniture responds well to the purpose of the room. The other aspect is that no two rooms are the same and therefore an element of surprise for people who rent a new room each time.

How can I earn wrapped hotels?

It’s a question worth asking once you’ve seen the stunning design of the rooms. Think of Wrapped Hotels as commercial real estate. To further explain, real-world commercial properties like hotels, malls, stores, etc. attract people and businesses and in turn generate revenue. The same goes for this digital hotel.

Initially, the project aims to fund The Sandbox plot. People who fund the plot will receive the NFT project in return, which will signify ownership of the coin. As there will be 10,000 rooms, so each NFT will be 1/10,000and part of the plots.

Each owner will have the freedom to monetize their share by hosting events, showcasing NFT collection, virtual party, etc. Apart from this, venue owners will receive an additional 8% redistribution of royalties from secondary market sales. This yield comes from staking coins, and gets a multiplier in the form of a color attribute; the color of the walls represents the tower in which your room is located. So if you own multiple coins in the same tower, you will get a better return on investment. The ROI calculation doubles more if the rooms are on the same floor of a tower.

Project roadmap

The first quarter of 2022 marks the start of the project. Q1 will start with community growth and exclusive raffles with NFT airdrops and prizes for whitelist members. When reaching a sales milestone, room owners will get benefits. At 5% of sales, 2 whitelist members will receive free airdrops in the NFT room. The same gifts will be offered at the 25%, 75% and 100% sales stages.

During the sale, the Wrapped Hotel team will launch a Merch store, run giveaways, run paid promotions, and transfer funds to the community wallet. Redistribution of Opensea royalties between venue owners will begin once sales reach 100%.

The second quarter of 2022 will escalate the pressure with the selection of land for hotel development in The Sandbox metaverse with the vote of room owners. This will be done through a community vote regarding the choice of lands where the Wrapped Hotels will be located. When acquiring the land, VoxEdit’s French design team will import the rooms and buildings to provide you with an amazing experience. After the hotels are fully onboarded, they’ll be ready for the grand opening featuring famous artists (think Snoop Dog or Deadmau5) and brands (Gucci and Crossroads) already based on the metaverse.

In Q3 2022, room owners will be able to lend or rent their rooms through the Wrapped Bookings app. The owners of the lounge and the reception collect a fee when booking at the hotel.

The excitement and elements of surprise will not stop there but will continue with the development of the Wrapped ecosystem. You’ll get to know them through the Wrapped Hotel website and our loyal community on Discord.

Stay informed about Wrapped Hotels

Genesis Sale: An Opportunity to Earn Higher Yields

Wrapped Hotel gives us the opportunity to participate in the Genesis presale. There are 999 rooms available for sale.

  • 10% of Genesis Chamber holders will additionally get lucky with a free Airdrop NFT during the public sale.
  • Increased chance of hitting rare NFTs i.e. Lobby and Reception.
  • Increased payout rate as the overall room point allocation is higher on the Genesis presale. Thus, a higher drop rate of rare coins also means a higher passive income redistribution compared to that of the public sale.
  • Owners of Genesis rooms will receive many freebies from IRL resorts and hotel experiences.

About Wrapped Hotels

Wrapped Hotels is a collection of 10,000 unique and finely designed rooms. Holding one of these chambers will give you access to the Wrapped ecosystem which will include an airdrop of its equivalent structure in the metaverse as well as a passive income stream starting in Q1. This 3D version will be part of our tours on The SandBox and yours to rent or party!

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